About official tournaments

логическая настольная игра точки игорь шлимакOfficial tournaments are the competitions on playing the game of dots, which are held according to rather strict rules, established by Sevastopol club of sport dots – the only public organization, dealing with the development of the game and having a state registration.

The organizer of the official tournament can be anyone, who is ready to undertake such a responsibility. All you need to do is fulfill the requirements, set by the Club. Currently only the team of the project "Sport Dots" holds the official tournaments. However, the appearance of alternative organizers would speed up the sport development of the game and that is why it is welcome.

Any person can take part in the official tournament. The main requirement is the verification, i.e. establishing your identity. The anonymous participation is not allowed. The verification has to be done one time, after this your name will be put into a list of verified players. The other requirements, depending on the category of the tournament, and the order of the registration are stated in its regulations. The regulations are always published on the organizer's site prior to the beginning of the tournament.

The player can get sport rating and sport rank only in the official tournaments. The calculation of the rating and ranks' awarding are done by the Club, publishing the corresponding information on its site. In the long term, the holders of sport ranks will get corresponding certificates and metal pins.

Currently the highest sport achievement in the dots is the rank of the absolute champion. The game for this rank is held yearly between the current champion and the winner of the candidates tournament. The selection of the players for the candidates tournament is done by sport rating, which is earned during the season in all other official tournaments.

The regular championship plays the main role among official tournaments. It is carried out in round robin and consists of two stages: spring and fall ones. The participants of the tournament are split into two divisions according to the level of skills. The rotation between divisions is carried out according to the results of every stage. The regular championship – these are the best players, intense struggle, excellent school and prestige. But it is not the closed elite club: anyone who wants to try himself on the highest level, can take part in the qualifying tournament, and having become its finalist, replace the outsiders of the second division.

Besides the above competitions in the calendar for a season, there are other official tournaments, including brief ones, aimed at the wide circle of participants. Even if you are not ready for big-time sports out of some reasons, you can still test your skills in one of them.

The official tournaments – these are not just sport rating, ranks, medals and pins, but prize money as well. For instance, the prize money of the regular championship comprises of a couple thousand dollars  for a season. The best players get a rather substantial addition to the main source of income, and this is one more incentive for the personal sport progress.

Follow the news on social media, the update of tournament sections of the organizer's and Club's sites; if there is anything unclear, write the administrators of the project "Sport Dots" (for example, in the chat of the game application). Take part in the tournaments – this is the best way to improve your skills and contribute to the development of our favorite game. And don't forget the Olympic principle – the important thing is not to win, but to take part.