Terminology is not just a chaotic set of titles that have something relation with the subject. It is a grid of steel structures stretching from the base, around which the building of any branch of knowledge is built. Serious discussions often begin with the words: "Let's define with concepts!". To identify, systematise and clearly define such key concepts, there is a terminology.

Do dots need terminology? As an amateur game - no. So it was, in fact, while we were in school-yard status. Thought of dozen names with a couple of variations on each and all right. But as a young sports discipline, claiming recognition and respect, the terminology of dots is absolutely necessary. And not so much in itself, but as a basis for building a powerful theoretical base.

Nonsense, you say? And you will be wrong. All these complex definitions, drawings and tables, endless articles and numerous teaching aids are needed not to amuse someone's graphomania. This array of information has one purely utilitarian task - fast and high-quality training of new players.

Those who are interested in sports, certainly had to at least hear something like this: "Yes, the guy is smart, but he obviously does not have enough school." What does it mean? What he did not receive in due time the necessary knowledge, did not understand to the end the essence of the game, its "physics" and "chemistry." A naked practice and simple imitation can not fill this gap.

In our case, the absence of a "school" leads to the fact that beginners, who at first do not understand anything at all, first time playing on the server, just stuff cones. And further - the question of motivation: the minority tolerates and somehow self-learning, the majority - leaves. And entreaties "Teach!" answer is not found - we need textbooks and teachers. And where are they to take something?

In dots, even leaders are self-taught. Go players stand out a little, but because only some school is better than none at all. At the same time, we will not be able to completely replace our own theory with neighbors, of course, they will not help us - games, whatever one may say, are different (Evgeni Plushenko can teach you to skate, but you do not shine in the NHL).

Yes, some attempts to lay out the foundations of dots on paper or to describe the individual elements of the game have been made before. There are quite worthy among them. But the main problem of the authors was that it perfectly describes by the parable of the three blind sages who studied the elephant.

Sports dots. Basic terminology

A single coordinate system is the basic terminology developed by the Sevastopol Club. Single for all: for players and spectators, for coaches and publicists. But, most importantly, for future authors of new theoretical studies. Work - a plowed field. And the theses are on the surface.