Dots game training


Dots is an addictive board logic game with millennial roots. Dots contains more combinations than in other games, and more than atoms in the Universe. You need to use the space of game field to encircle the opponent's dots and protect own dots. Your opponents are players from beginners to grandmasters. Surpassing them, you can become a great strategist.

Why to learn the training:

  1. It is difficult to win against strong players. Training will help you to reach their level faster.
  2. Training saves your time: during a few days of training you will learn as much as during a couple months of game practice.
  3. Effective training is only possible as a combination with theory + exercises + games archive + analyzer + video + game practice.

Game rules in brief (full rules here):

1. You play by red or blue dots. Each move you put the dot. Then the dot can not be moved.

2. To win, you must capture more dots of your opponent than he captured your dots.

Theory includes 30 articles (author is Alexey Priymak, repeated champion of the game):

Terminologygeneral concepts, game constructions and methods, tactics and strategy.

Collection of exercises: recommended to improve your skills. Contains 120 exercises.

Exercises from players: an additional set of interesting exercises.

Games archive: study of strong players' games will help you in training.

Game analyzer: helps you to disassemble game situations.