About the project

Dots is a widespread and recognizable game. But dots also has a reputation of a frivolous puzzle, an intellectual fun for bored students. The inevitable comparison with game go adds skepticism to dots prospects. Fans of go traditionally look haughtily at dots, assuming that dots is a simplified copy of the ancient oriental game. However, experience shows that such attitude to dots is biased and stereotyped.

During last ten years the individual enthusiasts of dots have attempted to radically change the situation. Even purely amateurish, without any financial or media support dots projects have received attention of considerable audience. There were hundreds of strong players who are prone to exercise their skills for good sporting level.

Sport Dots is a project aimed at the comprehensive development of the game. After analyzing the experience of predecessors, we came to the conclusion that there is no other way for dots, except the evolution towards a full-fledged sport discipline. However, any kind of sport can be successful only if it is based on a strong foundation of amateur acceptance. Only huge interest can provide a constant flow of ambitious newcomers with the growth of skills of leaders, with the theory improvement, with the social and commercial appeal of competitions.

That's why the first stage of the project was the creation of applications for playing dots in the most popular social networks and mobile platforms. Our task is to make dots accessible to the maximum number of game fans, to combine them in a full-fledged community, to motivate communication and rivalry. Of course, not all players strive to work hard to achieve high results. Therefore Sport Dots will try to provide each player such level of participation in community life and such a set of game features, which are most convenient.

Simultaneously with the community formation, we proceed to the second phase of development - the actual athletic component of the project. Each player can raise the level of his skills and express himself, to meet healthy ambitions only in full competition with the strongest players. If this is not possible, the potential champions lose their motivation and newcomers lose their landmarks. Therefore, the basis of dots evolution as a sports discipline will be tournaments.

In our plans - the organization of a series of regular events with the tournaments division by the skills level of participants. Tournaments will vary depending on schemes, duration and used game rules. Most of the tournaments will be held in the online mode, but we plan also offline events. Over time, we plan to provide a professional ranking list when a pool of players will be formed from those who participate in tournaments regularly. The positions in the list will be determined solely by sports achievements in official series of tournaments. In addition, the application will get the functional by which any player with a certain level of skills can organize an unofficial tournament.


Also we will discuss the commercial side of this issue. Sport Dots do not seek a short-term profit. However, it is obvious that development of any project requires not only ideas but also real investments. We want all players to understand that any monetization methods that we use will provide the improvement of project functionality and the formation of prize fund. Therefore, you actually leave your payments in the community and invest it to the game, for example, getting a subscription to a premium account. Also you gain not only additional functionality, but the opportunity in the future to get serious rewards for sporting achievements as well.

Regarding sponsorship, we are ready to consider any variants of cooperation with individuals and organizations that are interested in the development of the sports component of the project.

Thus, the fans interest and the sports passion will complement and mutually support each other. It will lead to engaging more and more participants into the project development. This is the most difficult and the most important stage in the development of any sports discipline. Sport Dots takes the lead role in the process organization. The rest depends on the fans: only your active participation and enthusiasm will give the necessary impetus to the project.