Dots window

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Friends! Nowadays, the development of any project is unthinkable without a media component. Sites, social networks, instant messengers, video hosting are indispensable attributes of any undertaking claiming any success. This is a kind of shop windows, and a means of rapid exchange of information, and convenient platforms for communication, training and leisure. The more extensive and dense the media "atmosphere" of the project, the more noticeable it is against the background of thousands of oth...

Free market

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The rapid development of online commerce and related technologies has not bypassed our small but proud community. The idea of ​​producing and distributing various products with thematic symbolism is obvious to be commonplace, but earlier work in this direction was hampered by administrative and financial barriers. To maintain your own online store, independently solving all bureaucratic, production and logistics issues, is a rather troublesome task that requires serious investments. Praise to pr...

Another season

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A little more than a week is left before the start of the first official tournament in the new sports season. The first round of the Spring Stage of the Regular Championship of 2019 starts on February 3 at 15:00 Moscow time. The format of the tournament has not changed. The competition system as a whole looks also familiar. Last year, it proved its effectiveness, it did not cause serious complaints, so the newly elected League Council decided to confine itself to point corrections. So, the Alena...

The top is for one!

Dots game. SDLCM'18 logo
From January 7 to January 13, the main event of the outgoing sports season, the Champion Match, will take place. Again, as in the previous year, we will have a dots classic - the opposition of Sergey Chernobrovin and Igor Shlimak. All the fans have probably lost count, how many times these principal rivals converged in the decisive fights. So far, all the attempts of an ambitious challenger have broken against the unshakable power of the favorite, but water destroys the stone, and no rock is imm...

Fisher’s Clock

Robert Fisher
One of the significant achievements of the eleventh world chess champion Robert Fisher is the introduction of a time control system, which has received recognition at the official level and is widespread not only in chess, but also in other intellectual games. The system is named after the author - "Fisher's Clock." Now “Fisher's Clock” is in our application (for now, only in the web client - the mobile version will be updated later). We have introduced a new system as an additional option that...

Apple harvest

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The long-awaited release of the Sports Dots mobile application on the iOS platform (download) took place. Of course, at first, players may encounter various errors that were not detected during testing. We ask you to treat this with understanding, we will be grateful for reports of such errors. We continue to develop!

Season schedule

On the title page of tournament section of our site we publish the sports schedule of this year, where we listed all of the planned activities and provide their brief characteristics. Schedule is structured in a way that any month does not pass without tournaments, and on the other - so that players have the opportunity to distribute the load over the course of the season. The regular tournament of 2017 - Sports Dots League divided into four stages will be the main element of the system. This f...

No intermediaries

Dots game. Screenshot
The overall design of our project overgrow with another element. Now a web client start working on the "Sport Dots" website, allowing you to play on a joint server without login through the social networks. Its functionality is fully consistent with the applications, but alleviate with no design elements of social networks and their advertising. The registration and entry to the client performed using the buttons in the upper right corner of this site home page. During registration you create th...


Today we have transfered the "Sport Dots" to another server. The project economy which overgrown last year need an additional capacity as well as users need more stable work of applications. The new "iron" will solve the immediate problem and also will establish a reserve for further development. Final tuning of the system will take a couple of days, during which there may be problems with access and work of applications for individual users. We ask you to understand the inevitable consequences...

Android launch to orbit

Логотип Android
We’ve completed another important stage of our work. On the Cosmonautics Day – April 12, 2016 – we released the application “Sport Dots” for mobile devices based on the Android OS. It is already put into the Google Play catalogue and available for downloading. The functional of the mobile application is more modest than that of its older brother, but the basic features are present. Moreover, it will be improved after the release. The game server is the same for both applications. The users of th...