Season schedule

календарь сезона
On the title page of tournament section of our site we publish the sports schedule of this year, where we listed all of the planned activities and provide their brief characteristics. Schedule is structured in a way that any month does not pass without tournaments, and on the other - so that players have the opportunity to distribute the load over the course of the season. The regular tournament of 2017 - Sports Dots League divided into four stages will be the main element of the system. This f...

No intermediaries

The overall design of our project overgrow with another element. Now a web client start working on the "Sport Dots" website, allowing you to play on a joint server without login through the social networks. Its functionality is fully consistent with the applications, but alleviate with no design elements of social networks and their advertising. The registration and entry to the client performed using the buttons in the upper right corner of this site home page. During registration you create th...


Today we have transfered the "Sport Dots" to another server. The project economy which overgrown last year need an additional capacity as well as users need more stable work of applications. The new "iron" will solve the immediate problem and also will establish a reserve for further development. Final tuning of the system will take a couple of days, during which there may be problems with access and work of applications for individual users. We ask you to understand the inevitable consequences...

Android launch to orbit

логическая настольная игра точки мобильное приложение android
We’ve completed another important stage of our work. On the Cosmonautics Day – April 12, 2016 – we released the application “Sport Dots” for mobile devices based on the Android OS. It is already put into the Google Play catalogue and available for downloading. The functional of the mobile application is more modest than that of its older brother, but the basic features are present. Moreover, it will be improved after the release. The game server is the same for both applications. The users of th...

Plans for the season

From the very beginning of the work on the project our main task was to make dots a full-fledged sport discipline. This wouldn’t come true without the creation of a rhythmic competitive system with clear internal logic and objectives. Recently we have laid the foundation of such system – we have launched the automated tournament functional. Now it is time to fill this form with sports content. Our first tournaments showed that the community of players is very heterogeneous. Skills, motivation a...

Fighting machine

Regular competitions have the strongest motivating power for the players and stimulate the growth of the average level of skill. Our application was originally presumed to be of sports character. Therefore the launch of the automated tournaments functional February 18, 2016 was an important event for the project. However, this is only the initial version. There is still a lot of work to do in order to achieve absolute reliability, to fix bugs, and to increase the potential. However, this will no...

логическая настольная игра точки планшет
Dots is a logic board game in which the players in turn put the dots of two colors in the crossings of lines that form the playing field. The aim is to encircle the opponent's dots. This intellectual duel arose as a variation of Go (Weiqi, Baduk). However, the crucial differences in the rules, strategy and tactical methods allow us to consider dots an independent game that preserves only formal resemblance to its progenitor. Nowadays dots is quite a popular game in Russia, the former Soviet re...

VKcom application

логическая настольная игра точки вконтакте
Our locomotive. Currently Vkontakte users make up the majority of active and experienced players on the server. The application is the leader among active projects of similar subjects by the number of installations and rating. And currently the main platform for communication among players is also Vkontakte. Here is our VK community.

Facebook application

логическая настольная игра точки facebook
Expanding horizons. The application in Facebook is focused on attracting new audience to the game: the residents of Eastern and Western Europe. And we are helped by compatriots living and working in European countries: they are familiar with dots and they prefer Facebook. The platform for communication is our Facebook community.

OK and MW applications

логическая настольная игра точки одноклассники мой мир
Maximum coverage. The application in Odnoklassniki was already launched and ready to receive players. The Sports Dots application launch in "My World" is planned in 2016. That launch will bring together almost all game audience of the post-Soviet space. Our communities already created at OK and MW.