The "Sport Dots" application is intended to play with real opponents through the popular social networks. Currently it is available on Facebook, and Odnoklassniki. Mobile version supports the Android and iOS platforms. The games from all applications are conducted on a single server with united statistical database and ranking list. To enjoy all the features you can have one account in any of the social networks mentioned above. The app is free. There is a small list of additional services acquired by conditional currency of social networks. These services are included in the so-called premium account and they are related to the non-core functions and visual effects. Therefore they do not limit the user activity and don't give any playing advantage.

The app allows you to play with others via online, to watch the passing games as a spectator and to view the previously played games in the games archive. Users are provided great opportunities to track their own achievements through the rating system, titles, awards and statistics. In addition, the application can be used for collective and personal communication.

The main indicator of player skills in the Sport Dots application is the basic rating. The rating is charged only on the results of rated games and it is determined in accordance with generally accepted Elo rating system. The initial value of the base rating in 1200 points is assigned to the user who installs the application for the first time. Subsequently, it changes in either direction depending on the player's success. A certain level of the basic rating can serve as the basis for gaining access to some opportunities, for example, to participate in official tournaments.

The basic rating in the Application is dynamic. This means that the maximum value reached by the player doesn't remain unchanged indefinitely. If the user stops playing the rated games, then the rating will automatically begin to decline after three months. At first month the rating will decrease by one point per day, at the second month by five points per day, from the third month and beyond by ten points per day. To stop the reduction the user has to play at least one rated game. Then the countdown of three months starts again. Otherwise the rating will fall to the initial value.

The Elo rating system is a closed mathematical system. Therefore to maintain its balance all points taken from the inactive users will be given to the active players in the form of bonuses after the completion of the various game tasks, as well as for the tournament achievements.

The app has a tab that contains the rating list, which includes all players who played at least one rated game. The rating list is updated automatically in real time taking into account the result of each rated game.

For all Applications we accept the hierarchy of sport titles that complements the Elo rating and makes the players arrangement simpler and easier.

The new user of the Application has no title. In the future, by reaching certain success the player automatically gets one of the following titles:

board logic game dots titles

The reason for assigning the title is a combined rating that includes the following elements:

  • the average amount of played games per day;
  • the percentage of victories;
  • the current basic rating;
  • the average rating of the opponents you beat.

The combined rating is calculated using the formula in which the above elements have different weights. The calculation takes into account only the last 50 of your games on rating. There are also restrictions on the number of played games to obtain a title:

  • the third rank - at least 10 games;
  • the second rank - at least 20 games;
  • the first rank - at least 30 games;
  • master candidate - at least 40 games;
  • master - at least 45 games;
  • grandmaster - at least 50 games.

The player can't see the exact value of the combined rating and the formula for its calculation.

The prolonged absence of rating games leads to the title reduction because the basic rating is an element of the formula. The basic rating starts to drop if a player doesn't play the rated games more than three months.

Of course, as any model that works exclusively with numbers, the titles system determines the true skill level rather approximately. The errors are inevitable, however we talk about a lot of players and we account a lot of statistics. Therefore the system allows you to draw certain conclusions, especially in comparison with other evaluation systems.

You should also note the specifics of the hierarchy system. The system is a closed mathematical system in which the relative value of combined rating of individual users is interrelated. Therefore, the player's title can be changed when his personal statistics remains unchanged because the indicators of other players are rising or falling.