The top is for one!

From January 7 to January 13, the main event of the outgoing sports season, the Champion Match, will take place. Again, as in the previous year, we will have a dots classic - the opposition of Sergey Chernobrovin and Igor Shlimak. All the fans have probably lost count, how many times these principal rivals converged in the decisive fights. So far, all the attempts of an ambitious challenger have broken against the unshakable power of the favorite, but water destroys the stone, and no rock is immune from the fatal crack. When will this happen? Maybe never, maybe in a few years, and maybe in a few days. It is impossible to predict. The more interesting we will be watching the upcoming battle of the Titans.

Both opponents have already confirmed their participation in the Match, the corresponding pages are created in the tournament section of our application.

Current information will be published in parallel on the Site.

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