Season schedule

On the title page of tournament section of our site we publish the sports schedule of this year, where we listed all of the planned activities and provide their brief characteristics. Schedule is structured in a way that any month does not pass without tournaments, and on the other - so that players have the opportunity to distribute the load over the course of the season.

The regular tournament of 2017 - Sports Dots League divided into four stages will be the main element of the system. This format does not imply a large number of participants, as it requires strict discipline and high commitment from players. For those who is not ready for a marathon, we provide two cups - spring and autumn. In addition, the competitions schedule will be diversified by women's tournament and blitz tournament.

All games at official tournaments will play for rating, and we have in mind an official, tournament rating, not a rating that shows in the Application. In the future it will be the basis for assignment of sports titles.

The tournament for candidates and the match for the title of absolute champion will be the final chord of the season. The selection to the first of them will hold by official rating list. Then in December two winners will play for the main title (since the next season the winner no need to play qualification).

We plan that the championship match will be held in offline place, but it is early to talk about it. We will immediately inform you about all the details when organizational issues become clear.

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