No intermediaries

The overall design of our project overgrow with another element. Now a web client start working on the "Sport Dots" website, allowing you to play on a joint server without login through the social networks. Its functionality is fully consistent with the applications, but alleviate with no design elements of social networks and their advertising. The registration and entry to the client performed using the buttons in the upper right corner of this site home page. During registration you create the new profile without association with earlier profiles. It's enough to come up with a nickname and with confirmed email address (without email confirmation you can play only with those whose rating does not exceed 1400 points). To return from the client to the site, click on the "Exit" button in your profile.

This innovation will certainly appeal to many players. The website client is more stable and can be used with familiar nicknames. This client not overloaded with extraneous information and, more importantly, completely fit into the screen height. With the full-screen browser mode it will enable to see the game chat during the party without the use of scrolling.

Over time, we plan to transfer all games of official tournaments to the website client. Already there is available a function of binding the phone number, without which it is impossible to participate in the tournament. This is a fight against clones and this add new functions for players (e.g. the sms-informing about the next game). Of course, the website client will be also upgraded if some new features become available in our social networks applications.

So use it!

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