Fighting machine

Regular competitions have the strongest motivating power for the players and stimulate the growth of the average level of skill. Our application was originally presumed to be of sports character. Therefore the launch of the automated tournaments functional February 18, 2016 was an important event for the project. However, this is only the initial version. There is still a lot of work to do in order to achieve absolute reliability, to fix bugs, and to increase the potential. However, this will no longer happen in the silence of the test server, but against the background of the real fights of test tournaments. The first one has already begun and others will follow it. At the moment, the launch of tournaments is available only to the administrators. The tournament schemes are limited to the standard Olympic system and the group stage with a playoff. In due course we will add other tournament schemes and give the players the opportunity to create their own tournaments. Hopefully in the future this will make the “Sport Dots” the most convenient and popular place for tournaments, not only under the auspices of our project.

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