Dots is a logic board game in which the players in turn put the dots of two colors in the crossings of lines that form the playing field. The aim is to encircle the opponent’s dots.
This intellectual duel arose as a variation of Go (Weiqi, Baduk). However, the crucial differences in the rules, strategy and tactical methods allow us to consider dots an independent game that preserves only formal resemblance to its progenitor.
Nowadays dots is quite a popular game in Russia, the former Soviet republics and some Eastern European countries. Acquaintance with the game usually takes place at schools and universities. Simple rules and tools as well as the terrific excitement of the confrontation contribute to its promotion. A lot of websites devoted to dots has appeared over the past years. Some of them give a chance to play online.
Sport Dots is not an ordinary client for the game on the Internet. This is an ambitious project. Our main goal is to bring the game to a new level. We plan to transform it from a frivolous fun, designed to pass the time during a boring lecture, into a serious sport, wherein thousands of newcomers would aim to become leaders, and the leaders – to constantly prove their superiority in the uncompromising struggle. We believe that our goal is realistic. Dots deserves it!

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